A MIR Giveaway worth repeating!

Pics 001Pabst Blue Ribbon:  Get $10 back by mail with the purchase of $10.01 of Summer Essentials (grilling meats, produce, condiments, charcoal, non-alcoholic beverages and/or ice).
Valid 5/1 – 9/30/13  Received 10/14/13
Offer #PBRN7017

To learn more about how to offset your grocery spending with NBPR rebates, go HERE.

How do you win?  

The Rules:
1. Leave your first name, last initial & the state you currently reside.
2. Sorry but you must live in AL,AR,CT,HI,IN,KY,ME,MO,MN,NC,NJ,NY,UT&WV only in order to enter this giveaway.

I will pick 3 random winners by Friday, August 23rd after 6 PM.  Good Luck!!!

A BIG thanks to Tracy for providing the rebates for this giveaway!

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  1. NY

  2. Nicole S. NY

  3. Amy J, CT

  4. Rebecca Q., NY

  5. Meghann C, NY

  6. Marcella J NY

  7. Amanda L, NY

  8. Deb S. NY

  9. Stefanie R, NY

  10. Shirley C, CT

  11. Jayme N, NY

  12. Tammy A., NY

  13. Lauren H, NY

  14. Gary P., NY

  15. Joanne B- Maine

  16. Erica H., NY

  17. Maura L, NY says:

    Maura L., NY

  18. Heather S

  19. Steven B., CT

  20. Pam H, NY

  21. Erin C. NY

  22. Vera E. KY

  23. Karen T., NJ

  24. Wanda A.

  25. Lisa Carnevali says:

    Lisa C, NY

  26. Marsha S NY

  27. Erik F., NY

  28. Carrie P, NC

  29. Irwin T., NY

  30. Melissa R.; NY

  31. Ashley R NY

  32. Sharon G, NY

  33. Stacy L, NY

  34. Dee C, NY

  35. Camiele P., NC

  36. Linda L, NY

  37. Tina N, NY

  38. Anita, NY

  39. Ilyssa A, NY

  40. debb r, ny

  41. Sara P., AL

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