Kirkland’s in Crossgates Mall is Closing!!!

indexThe Kirkland’s in Crossgates Mall is closing!. Apparently, the company and the mall could not come to an agreement about the lease so they are closing and selling everything. All items in the store are 20-40% off of the clearance prices. Lauren found some really great deals!

Kirkland’s last day is July 30th and they will remain open unless everything sells before that date.

Thanks Lauren!

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  1. I cannot believe it!! My daughter took a trip to Crossgates to go to Kirklands and was very disappointed to find out they were no longer there! Kirklands was one of my favorite stores in Crossgates and the reason i shopped in that mall. I am so disspointed!! THere are so many other stores in that mall that were junk stores but they managed to stay open, and the best store there has closed!!! Thats totally absurd!! I wont have much reason to go to Crossgates Mall anymore.. i just had to sound off. I just cant believe a nice store like that with great products and reasonable prices would close.

    Totally Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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