$5/$75 ShopRite Coupon & $10/$100 Shop from Home Codes

get-attachment.aspxLook what Heather found on page A8 of the Daily Gazette,  coupon is valid 6/26-6/29.   You can expect to find it in tomorrow’s Times Union newspaper as well.

If you’re planning in doing a Shop from Home trip, there are 2 promo codes valid thru 8/3/13:


Thanks Heather & Sabine!

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  1. Nicole S. says:

    Thanks I just saved $10, by adding the code to an order I submitted last night!

    • Nicole…a mailer came out with Qs for the next 4 weeks…I didn’t get one, you?

      • I really wonder how they decide who to send these to. I did NOT get one, but happened to pick one up this morning that my one of my apartment neighbors left out with some other junk mail. Of course, too late for my trip, but oh well, I’ll try to find a good use for it at PC or otherwise.

        • This was an Albany mailer Kate…

          • Hmmm – I don’t have it in front of me, but it sounded like the same thing – it had 4 $10/$75 coupons, one per week, and the two Shop from Home coupon codes in this post. I don’t recall if it was specific to any one shoprite location, but I can say for sure it was delivered to my building in Clifton Park (just not me!)

          • Yes, sounds like the same one! I’m hoping to get it from one of Tom’s coworkers (fingers crossed)

      • Nicole S. says:

        No, my mom lives in Glenville was teliing me about it because she got one. I never seem to get mailers from Shoprite.

  2. I get these mailers from my husbands work. I never get them at my house. Maybe because my shop rite card is scanned at least 2xs a week… Lol. I think they may send them to people who’s cards aren’t used much as a reason to hopefully get them in the store

  3. Nicole S. says:

    Wonder if the coupon codes will work every week.

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