Pyramid Rebates for 2013 Too!

Lauren found out some exciting news regarding the Pyramid Rebate today- apparently they do the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter rebates every year so there should be another set next year as well! 

WooHoo!   Great news Lauren and thanks for sharing.  You’ve earned 2 entries into the monthly giveaway.

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  1. do you need to buy ALL of the ingredients on the list to qualify?

  2. No Amy, just some or one! I just bought EVOO and got my $10. Total must be over $10.01.

  3. sweet! I love this rebate.

  4. just one more question(i think…lol) can i technically do this 4 times and use the ingredients from the summer recipes for 1 and the fall ingredients for the other 3??

  5. Amy, you can do 3 Summer ingredient MIRs and 3 Fall ingredient MIRs for a total of (6) or $60.

  6. Where do I find the list of ingredients? Thanks.

  7. I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I need the ingredient list from the spring/summer recipes. I have the fall/winter list. Thanks.

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